Welcome to The Fireproof Hotel.

I should have done this a long time ago, if I’m being honest. I’ve been writing for most my life, and while there’s no shortage of platforms to share yourself, all the popular ones have always felt flimsy and disposable to me. This feels different.

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If you know me, I’ll assume it’s because you’ve listened to my records. If you don’t know me, my name is Ryan Hunter and I put music out under the name 1ST VOWS. I’ve also had many bands and projects over the years (Envy on the Coast, NK, violent joy, etc.) which have lead to producing records/music directing for other artists, as well as scoring some films and shows. While all of those career tangents have been fun, a part of me feels like I’ve been cheating, in that I know I haven’t been pushed to the most vulnerable places of my being; which is what I intend to do here.

I have two reasons for doing this.

1) I would be dead without art.

I mean that. I fall often, and I fall pretty hard and really low when I do. If there’s anything that’s provided me consistent solace in this world, it’s art. Whether it’s a song, a record, a book, a film, or a show, I credit the makers of the world with filling me with hope when I’ve run out. Throughout my career, I’ve been fortunate enough to have been told by others that my work has had that same effect for them. At this juncture of life, and with the current precarious state of the world, I feel an obligation to share as much as I can, in hopes I can be of service in the same way others have been for me.

2) I need it.

I used to tour often, and during that time my world felt very large. I have memories of playing SXSW year after year and feeling like I knew everyone in the entire city of Austin. It was magical. Since spending the majority of my time hibernating in a studio, my world has shrunk. I thought having a revolving door of artists and projects would fulfill the sense of community I was lacking, but it hasn’t been the environment to spawn that. Artists are temperamental (I know, because I am), and people and projects come and go, with the relationships themselves ebbing and flowing with the work itself. I’m hoping to foster a community here, one that I can be very much a part of.

Why pay?

Plain and simple: I’m putting my all into this. And by my all, I mean a very substantial chunk of my time. I will be posting weekly and I’m going to put a lot of work and into writing, developing, and curating what I share. For a monthly fee that is less than the price of a cup of coffee (in Los Angeles), that’s a solid deal.

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Ryan Hunter is an artist/producer who releases music under the name 1ST VOWS. He writes about inspiration, love, anxieties, and all the shades between them.